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This is Greater Zion

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In southwest Utah, there is a rare wonder that people are drawn to. From near and far, generation after generation, they come for reasons they can’t explain, compelled by a feeling that comes from deep within. And, in this extraordinary place, a collection of communities, filled with optimism and purpose, have grown and thrived. On their own, they are good, but together they are greater. Working as one, their differences beautifully blend to immerse you in the impossible. Here, you can dive in the middle of the desert, walk among giants, hike through a dragon’s lair and climb to where angels land. Here, we are reminded of what it’s like to be curious, carefree, and completely in awe of the world around us. This place is greater than just one park. This place is greater than the sum of its parts. This place is Greater Zion.

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